Working off his initial story idea and treatment for the feature-length version of this story, Nick crafted a screenplay, with an assist from screenwriter Dan Wilson (who has worked for such heavyweights as Sony Pictures and The Walt Disney Company). He also generated his initial sketches and storyboards to lay the groundwork for his vision of James’ post-apocalyptic future. These designs were then passed along to character designer Daniel Carrasco to help fully flesh out Nick’s vision. 


After the design phase was completed, we went on to build our bunker set based on the designs generated by our art team and as designed by our Production Designer, Ramiro Cazaux, along with Visual Consultant Rachel Robb Kondrath. Using materials that were hand-sculpted and painted by our production team, we built a fully functional bunker set for James to inhabit. Meanwhile, at his studio in Madrid, our puppet builder Nacho Diaz hand sculpted and painted our star robot, WebCam, before sending it to us for the production. 


Once the bunker was fully functional and our WebCam puppet had arrived in the US and was ready to go before cameras, we assembled our all-star cast, Drew Van Acker and Dichen Lachman on our bunker set and rolled the cameras. After a complex shoot involving a combination of physical locations integrated with greenscreen elements for future effects, the footage was ready for post-production.